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Tell us 1) where you want to go to college; and 2) what you might study and we’ll find you a current college student who matches that description. All you have to do is hit that Search button.

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Once you see your Mentor Matches, pick one! Someone who shares your interests, and who got into the school you’re looking at, will have a lot of valuable insight to share.

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  • What is AdmitAlly

    If you want to go to NYU and study should probably talk to an NYU student who’s studying in the School of Engineering, right? We think so. AdmitAlly is a video chat tool that matches high school students to current undergrads for 1-on-1 mentorship in the college application process.

  • How do you find these Mentors? Who are they?

    We have a thorough screening and verification process that each Mentor has to go through. They’re all current students at colleges around the US! We pick Mentors who aren’t afraid of telling you exactly what they think about their major/college experience.

  • Should I use this service instead of hiring an independent counselor?

    The average (per hour) cost of an independent counselor is $200...we’re guessing most people can’t afford to pay for that. We exist to help students and families get the real scoop on college they’re seriously considering, without having to pay for private counselors or flights for college visits. BUT if you have an independent counselor, you should still probably sign up for a call with us. Counselors are amazing at helping you write the application in a standout way, but will they be able to share a firsthand account of their experience at a college you might spend 4+ years at? Probably not.

  • Will my Mentor get me into my dream school?

    This is a question we hear a lot. No one can “get you in”, not us, not an independent counselor, or any other service. Our goal is to educate you on what people have done, successfully, to get into a college and give you a chance to ask your questions to someone who knows what your dream school is like today. Have students who use AdmitAlly been successful? Oh yeah. But we can’t take credit for that! They’re the ones who asked the questions, all we did is help set up the call :)

  • How much does this cost?

    All AdmitAlly calls are free (FREE!) through February 2019. Tell yo’ friends! In March, we’ll charge for call packages.

  • How many calls can I sign up for?

    As many as you’d like. These calls may be free for you, but they cost us a lil’ something (we pay your Mentors), so please respect your Mentors & our investment in AdmitAlly and show up or cancel/reschedule as soon as a conflict comes up!

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